Why African entrepreneurs deserve the best travel advisors

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African entrepreneurs deserve the best travel advisors. And by “the best” we mean professionals who understand where they come from and what their daily struggles are.

The African continent has potential: a trajectory of sustained growth in the last decade, a population that is mostly young and a business network that is becoming quite powerful.

Massive migration from rural areas to cities represents a latent risk. The UN estimates that by 2050 six of the world’s largest cities (with more than 10 million inhabitants) will be on the continent. African cities are facing enormous pressure, having to adjust to the new residents, therefore being required to build or improve general infrastructures and public services in order to cater for a much larger population.

African entrepreneurs are undoubtedly creative, competitive and resilient

You have to be for you face challenging circumstances in your daily life.
You have become an entrepreneur perhaps out of necessity; or perhaps impelled by ambition, curiosity, hunger for success and ultimately eagerness “to put Africa on the map”.
Have a look of the following list of obstacles. Do they sound familiar to you?
Obstacle number 1: Financial difficulties. When grants are given, interest rates are usually quite high, sometimes above 20%.
Solution to obstacle number 1: Side businesses, family and friends.
Obstacle number 2:

    1. Not very reliable infrastructures and telecommunications.
    2. Huge traffic jams in the megacities.

Solution to Obstacle numer 2:

  1. Tons of patience. Creativity. Flexibility. Lots of “doing something else” instead and meanwhile.
  2. Nigeria has just launched its first Metro line today 13th July 2018: a historic date for this country. It comprises 290 kms (180 miles). Watch the news here.

Obstacle number 3: Bureaucracy. The stress of not-so-efficient services.

Solution to obstacle number 3: Read solution to obstacle number 2 and you got it.
Obstacle number 4: Political or social unrest.
Solution to obstacle number 4. Keeping on moving forward in spite of the odds.
Obstacle number 5: Poverty. Huge gaps between the rich and the poor. Challenging health and education systems.
Solution to obstacle number 5: Contributing to the growth of local communities. Volunteering. Foundations created by Africans for Africans. Non-government institutions. Audacious entrepreneurs innovating in sustainable development, agrofood industry, biotechnology, and using up the advantages of digital revolution in Africa.
In 2016, 22% of the continent’s population had access to internet. “African scientists and researchers are now less isolated and have more access to information from the more developed countries” (Mordoukoutas, E. for African Renewal). Read the entire article here.

Obstacle number 6: The weight of tradition,extended family and other inherent cultural aspects.

Solution to obstacle number 6: It is not a solution but a result of the above. You are more connected to the needs of your loved ones. Savour the satisfaction of a job well done. Save those smiles you find at home every day after work. Proximity and more sensitiviness are often  lessons learned from elders. Having a wider support network makes it easier gettin back on your feet after having stumbled and fallen down. You have a deeper yet unconscious understanding of what being part of a community means. Family celebrations are way more fun.

Having overcome all of the above roadblocks, when you are required to travel to other continents such as Europe or America for professional reasons, you have to go through additional stress, for less obvious reasons. These reasons sometimes cannot be addressed frankly for fear of being prejudged or branded a victim. Some of them are: African passports that are more scrutinized, lack of trust in your credentials, assumptions that Africa should always be behind (or be absent) in areas that have to do with science, technology, or environmental awareness. Again, you arm yourself with patience and optimism and face your visits with enthusiasm.

Deep inside you know that your contribution, however little, is making a difference

International leaders such as Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and recently elected President Macron have referred to African entrepreneurs as the hope and the engine for Africa; the ones who can cause and lead the big changes. President Macron even dared to speak of “a new narrative”. Is it not what we want to hear about? A new way of telling the fairy tale. What does being an entrepreneur mean for you?
This is why, at Frontae, we encourage you to move forward, to leave your comfort zone in search of new markets, to show the world your creative energy, the passion in each of the business facets that you have assumed. Take advantage of the new doors of opportunities which are now opening to you. Keep on beating the odds at every step.
Attending business events on the continent is definitely good for your company. However, it is also beneficial to measure yourself against companies in the so-called “developed countries”, to weigh the trends of their leading markets, to make strategic contacts that can attract investment, collaboration and exchange of resources and know-how; to be trained in new disciplines, other languages, or undertake post graduate studies in foreign countries.

All this can be properly addressed with the professional assistance of Frontae

Count on us. You deserve to be treated with utmost respect. We will save you time and money for you will be advised by a team of professionals who know the country, its language, character and peculiarities.

Emily Dickinson once wrote:
“We never know how high we are
Till we are called to rise;
And then, if we are true to plan,
Our statures touch the skies”

Be inspired by the spirit of Abu Bakr II. Take advantage of these new expeditions to really know the people, customs, geography, arts and delicious gastronomy of Spain. This will help you relax. It will infuse you with positivity, it will fill you with inspiration. In short, it will make you see the other side of the border with new eyes, those of a true modern-day explorer.

So if you are still wondering why you should be properly assisted by professional travel advisors on your business trips in Spain, read the following sentence slowly: “Because you have definitely earned it”. Go ahead. Contact us.

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