Trade relations between Spain and Africa

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Interesting facts about Spain and Africa´s trade relations

Trade relations between Spain and Africa do exist. In 2017,  there was a 10.5%  increase in import activities in Spain, touching a historical record of 301,870 million euros. Merchandise imports are growing rapidly . One of the main reasons is the recovery of the Spanish economy, which brings along the demand for more foreign goods. Spain is on the 15th position of the worldwide importer ranking.

The two main items imported in 2016 were vehicles (6% ) and crude oil (5,6% )

Palm oil, coffee, tea, bananas, gold, fabrics, raw nickel are other popular products being purchased by Spain in foreign countries.

Nigeria, top 20 supplier to Spain

Did you know that Nigeria is among the 20 top country suppliers to Spain? Indeed, Spain acquired Nigerian products worth 4.3 million euros in 2017. There is clearly something going on between Spain and one of the top 3 African economies.

Opportunities are awaiting

There are so many stories yet to be told and so many walls to be broken down. In essence, great opportunities are awaiting in Spain for African entrepreneurs.  Nevertheless, substantial efforts should be made to improve the flow of African business visitors into Spain. Enhancement of visa application procedures at local consular missions can change the actual state of affairs .

Illegal inmigration, a hard reality

The total population for sub Saharan Africa in 2018 is estimated to be: 1,050,135,841 while 22,900 Sub Saharan citizens allegedly were reached Spain illegally. They did so mainly via Morocco or Algeria by sea(Reuters, 2018).

We do not mean to underestimate the tremendous social impact that this situation has been causing in the last 20 years. The loss of so many thousand lifes to date should be deemed an obscenity. During last November alone there were 25 deaths.

However, figures speak for themselves.

The majority of African inmigration remains within the African continent.

What can we do from our end to stop this from happening?
How do you feel about Spain? What is your perception of this country ? Do you want to do business in Spain? Then contact us.

Photo by Giuseppe Buccola on Unsplash

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