Why Spain is an attractive business market for African entrepreneurs.

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Some of you might probably be wondering: why Spain?
I would reply to that question with another one:  why not?
Let me pose a further question with as much diplomacy and grace as possible.
What do you exactly know about Spain?
You are at the opportune time and place for a confession. Say it:
“Not much”.
You ´ve always thought that Spain was all about bullfighters, flamenco dancers, spectacular beaches, delicious food and daily siesta.
Well, maybe. That might represent a tiny part of Spain.
However, Spain is much more than that.
Let me raise some fresh-looking ideas to bring down those rusty Hollywood´s clichés. .

Fields Spain excels in:

Tourism: Top 2 country in the world with a 7% increase in 2017. Totaling 82 million international tourists, a historical record.
Automotive industry: Top 9 country in the world. Exporting 90% of its automotive production.
Electronics, metal, shipbuilding, fabrics, pharmaceutical, chemical products, food & beverages and logistics industries come next. By association, also the sale and rental of machinery necessary for all this industrial activity grows along with them. Therefore  requiring all kinds of pallet trucks, trucks, tractors, loading equipment, compactors, etc. ..
Football:  Football? As in Real Madrid, Barça…? No joke. Professional football in Spain generates 7.6 billion euros, 0.75% of GDP. Read these news here.
Alternative energies: Spain is the fourth-largest manufacturer of wind turbines

Did I say that 82 million visitors travelled to Spain in 2017 alone?

Obviously, there must be something good about Spain (that Spaniards are doing) beyond sun and beaches. Whatever it is, it is powerful enough to attract such a huge mass of people in only one calendar year. Guess what! Not all of these people came to Spain for the same reasons.
Regarding MICE (Meetings and Incentive travel market) there go some interesting facts:
Spain is a leader in congress tourism. As a destination, it has got a big asset: a wide range of possibilities to combine business and pleasure (a big trend nowadays). Spain is the fifth destination in the world with more participants to meetings, according to the ranking international ICCA. Barcelona, on the other hand, it is the third MICE city of the world. Impressive?
How many African entrepreneurs, business people and executives that you know are looking at Spain to schedule their professional or corporate events in? How many doctors, scientists and technology specialists are attending professional events that are relevant for:

sharing with colleagues,
learning new information and techniques,
finding and meeting partners and investors,
following the trends,
in summary, keeping connected with the “international business scene”?
And though it is true that LinkedIn and other social platforms (and the digital world in general) have made it easier to connect with people, they still cannot beat the real-world connections, in which human beings genuinely and truly get to meet and share without any screens in between.
Here are some big news!

Spain will have hosted 85 international trade fairs by the end of 2018

Madrid will be hosting nearly half of them (43) , while Barcelona will follow with 19 and Valencia, with 6.
Do the following events sound familiar to you?
Fitur, one of the most important tourism fairs worldwide ,  and Arco , International Contemporary Art Fair are both held yearly in Madrid. DreamHack is the biggest digital festival in the world, and takes place in Valencia (unveiling Dreamhack).
Should you need further information about the above or other events, contact Frontae here for proper advising and professional planning. Trust us, we know the country and its people, we speak the language, we will hold your hand until you feel comfortable enough to do your own thing. Yet we will still be there to assist you whenever you need our services.
We like to welcome our guests with a standard package, including private transfers and a city tour tailored according to your interests, whether it is a gastronomic cookery class, a sports event or a cultural performance (there are endless possibilities) so that you go back home refreshed and willing to come back for another event.
I know that some of you are already doing business in Spain and thriving. Congratulations!  You discovered long ago that there was more than sun and beaches. Well, remember that Frontae is here for you too.
And for those of you who are still doubting, let´s face some facts about Spanish markets.



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