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Meet Frontae´s African Talent of November

Rodrigue Fouafou defines himself as an entrepreneur, startup investor, and business mentor. Currently, he is the CEO of HartNamtemah, Inc., a startup advising and investment firm based in Toronto, Canada that he co-founded. HartNamtemah specializes in providing mentoring and funding to African startups and works with investors interested in funding business ventures in Africa and other emerging markets. However, HartNamtemah does not only invest in people from a financial perspective but also believes in investing in relationships by getting to know the person behind the idea and vision.

Their philosophy is that through the mentorship and development of strong leaders and entrepreneurs, combined with sharing their network of connections, they can shed light on the amazing continent that is Africa. Africa is a region on the move and we must allow it to shine. Over the last six years, they have invested close to 600K USD, mentored over 21 entrepreneurs and they brokered over 15 deals valued at 2M USD one of which is Kiro’o Games, a successful video game studio based in Cameroon

Africa is on the cusp of a major global economic boom

and Rodrigue is excited to be at the frontline of the African startup revolution. At HartNamtemah, they strive to uncover remarkable business and investment opportunities in Africa while fostering the growth and success of innovative African startups. Rodigue and his team have worked with many different ventures in Africa and other emerging markets.
Some noteworthy startups he has funded and mentored include Njorku, a Cameroon-based job search engine and agregator for African job seekers, and Kiro’o Games, an up-and-coming video game studio in Cameroon. It has been a long road with plenty of detours but he confesses he is truly enjoying where he is at right now and he is looking  forward to what the future brings to him.

He started off his career as a software engineer

after graduating with honours from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering. After a few successful years working at IBM and Nortel, he resigned to help launch an online publishing company known asGourmandia. He served as chief operating officer and member of the board at Vertamin, leading the company to generate a record-breaking $5+ million in revenue in 2012. His foray into online marketing indirectly led him to the world of African tech startups.

He has been invited to speak at a number of platforms

Rodrigue, affectionately addressed by his colleagues as Rod, has spoken at multiple conferences worldwide on the topic of investing in Africa; including the Annual African Angel Investment Summit in Cape Town- South Africa, the NACO World Angel Investment Summit where he represented Africa in 2017 and at the Africa Trade and Investment Speaker (ATIGS) in DC 2018.

I was privileged to meet Rodrigue at the African Development Investment Convention (ADIC) 2018, in Zurich last month. His speech focused on his professional career, it was full of significance and very inspiring. I found it quite interesting to learn when and how such a talented man decided to put his valuable skills at the service of his community.

Rodrigue says that helping people is important to him and guides everything he does. He is grateful to be in the position to aid fledgling entrepreneurs and serving as a mentor to Africa’s most promising startups. He will soon be speaking at Africa Early Stage Investor Summit, in Cape Town, Southafrica.

Rod’s heart lies on helping other entrepreneurs and startups

which is evident in his work as a mentor at the World Bank’s XL Africa, a program that works to bridge the gap between African entrepreneurs and worldwide investors. And his work continues to embody leadership by providing support and funding for promising African Entrepreneurs, as the Vice President of ABAN (African Business Angel Network); an Angel Investor Network whose objective is to represent African Early Stage Investors on the global stage. He is also an active mentor and member of VC4Africa and Enablis.

We are happy to have young men like him leading and showing the way of African rising development.

You can reach Mr. Fouafou on:

twitter – @RodrigueFouafou

LinkedIn –

websites – /


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