At Frontae we believe in the creative energy of our clients, who beat the odds at every step. We want to reward you with the best customized business travel advising and incoming services in Spain.

We believe in motion, in the power arising when people move and connect. We love audacious entrepreneurs and are committed to helping them thrive by bringing them closer to their reference markets. We feel equally comfortable whether in Europe or Africa, and wish to project that level of comfort to others who need to do business abroad. We strive to be the first business travel advisors for the African leaders of tomorrow, wherever in the world they may be taken by their business ventures.

The soul behind the firm

A travel advisor with a solid background in event planning, Analia Lima was born in Equatorial Guinea and raised and educated in Spain. Having worked and lived in both countries, and being fond of travelling, people and cultures, she started dreaming of a bridge, a space where the extraordinary possibilities of exchange between Europe and Africa, still unexplored, would come to light. This is how Frontae was born. Together with a consolidated network of collaborators, she is on a mission to earn your trust and satisfaction.

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