Edward Mbogo, the Nyatti, CEO, MyRide Africa

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Edward Mbogo, the Nyatti, is being portrayed this month by Frontae as an African talent. Learn why :

This is how Edward, born in Kenya described himself on his aboutme page :

Hello! I’m Edward. I am a self motivated, dynamic and forward thinking go-getter with a purpose to effectively use my God given talents, ability and professional skills to positively impact all spheres of humanity. (As simple as that). Now, let us tell you a little more about him:

He has many interests in life

He is fond of art & design, music, technology, traveling, marketing, nature and good food!
Having a multifaceted approach to business and the Universe surely helps through success!
Furthermore, as the CEO of the startup known as myRide Africa, he is aiding people using mobile technology finally making public transport in Africa convenient, safe and fun!

He runs a creative agency known as Space Bridge Ventures

that deals in branding, advertising, digital and print media. This company also facilitates technology solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals.
Besides all the above, Edward even finds some spare time to serve as Treasurer for Lifesong Kenya.  Lifesong Kenya is a local organization that is transforming the lives of imprisoned youth through mentorship. Hence Edward is acting as a conscious entrepreneur for he has  started  giving back to the community already. What an excellent role model to all!

If all the above was not good enough to impress you, read carefully what follows:

Edward is a freelance saxophonist for various bands. If you are a music lover, learn more here. Or here.

It seems like Mbongo is certainly getting the most out of life. What do you think?

If you can visualize yourself taking a ride with him across Nairobi, finding out why he was named The Nyatti and listening to his saxo, you have the Frontae spirit (curious and audacious!). Those would be definitely a handful of compelling reasons to visit Kenya in the near future. On the other hand, for the Spanish entrepreneur interested in venturing in Kenya, get there through Frontae. Just contact us here.

You can contact Edward Mbongo, the Nyatti on:


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