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“Conoce las claves para emprender” was the title of a course I attended last week at Cámara de Comercio de Valencia (Valencia´s Chamber of Commerce). The english translation would read something like  “Find out the key steps to start a business”.  I found the content inspiring, fun and very helpful. I would love to keep on finding the time to do courses like this.

Do I think on-the-job training is necessary for entrepreneurs?

Definitely. You should do your best to learn as much as possible. Weather it is online, distance learning, by reading books. If you have the time to attend a course and your trainers are experienced entrepreneurs, you will learn a lot in a short time.

A great thing about this course is that it was free. 5 days of 3 master classes by 3 outstanding professionals about quality, business plans and marketing management.

Let me tell you that the course was all but boring

There was some spontaneous brainstorming, original ideas, not so original ideas that suffered some seious attacks, then evolved, on the go.

One of the trainers, Vicent Lluch ,is in the tourism industry with a delightful project called “Descubre L´Horta“, which aims to give back the value to the traditions of a region called L´Horta. Descubre L´Horta is based in a small village called Borbotó, 20 kms off Valencia. If you are fond of Spanish gastronomy and you happen to be visiting the city, please book with them. You will not regret it. Descubre L´Horta is not only gastronomy, it is culture, traditions and social interaction. Besides being environmentally friendly, it takes us back in time when eating organic was the norm. What else could we ask for?

You will be able to pick fresh vegetables on site and learn to cook your own paella in a traditional way, over firewood


Is it not fantastic?

Vicent was fun and authentic, teaching not only the theory but telling a lot about his personal experience. I loved how humble he was to let us know about his previous entrepreneurial failures.

Have a look at his work on:

A few lessons I learned from Mr.Lluch were the following:

  • It is ok to make mistakes.
  • Not all entrepreneurs have the privilege to focus 100% on their business and that is just fine.
  • Be prepared to wait 3 years in some cases before you see any real income.
  • Sometimes your target client turns out to be an unexpected one and not the one you had been pursuing from the beginning.

Starting a business on your own with no partners can be very difficult

  • Focusing on what customers really want and getting rid of the accesories can be the way to go.

In summary, resetting your goals, rethinking your business model, readjusting your financial plan, realizing your mistakes and asking for help, can all be positive and contribute to the success of your project. Let´s not be afraid of postponing plans and focus on getting well equipped.

Do you agree? Which phase are you on right now?. Kicking off? Waiting for income? Searching for funds? Studying your competition?Struggling to survive ?

Trust Frontae. Tell us your story. Visit our Entrepreneur Corner. We are featuring African talents on our website and would be delighted to know about you. And if you want to be the cook of your own traditional paella on firewood, we will take you to the right place. Just contact us. Remember that not only we are experts in Spain, we also love Spanish culture!

We will be telling you about the other teachers soon.

Image of paella by@kaitlindowis






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